We’re proud to say that we’ve supported the following: research to use native species restoration to break the grass fire cycle; development of spatially explicit tools to improve the fire danger rating system; developing decision support tools to assist with landscape-scale fire issues; development of a Hawai’i specific post-fire restoration manual and decision matrix; research on the response of native and non-native vegetation; creation of custom fuels models for vegetation in Hawai’i; preliminary analyses of historical fire weather; supported first ever Hawai’i Fire History Database (HFHD) to quantify wildfire trends; preliminary synthesis of statewide wildfire trends; development of fire history database for Palau; ongoing development of fire history database for Guam, with associated technology transfer and training. In addition, the PFX website serves as the clearinghouse for fire information in the Pacific, including maps, tools, and applications, while our virtual and in-person events (webinars, field tours, symposia) and social media enable wildfire knowledge exchange across multi-media.