Pursuing and Communicating Fire Science Across Pacific Islands

Our goal is to facilitate the pursuit of the best available Pacific Island wildfire science and to translate and communicate that research to those affected by fire. We first work with fire practitioners to identify the gaps in fire science and then help researchers to fill those needs. We communicate and exchange new and relevant fire science through events (field tours, workshops and seminars) and multi-media (fact sheets, research summaries, interviews, maps and tools). 

PFX Kahikinui Field trip

Creating Pathways for Active Knowledge Exchange

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Easier access to information
Better and more comprehensive information
Improved technical assistance
Collaborative information transfer

Our Accomplishments

We’re proud to say that we’ve built trust-based partnerships based on understanding those affected by fire, while supporting data sharing, synthesis and dissemination. Overall, PFX has enhanced the quality and relevance of fire science research in the Pacific. PFX hosts interactive events and produces multi-media wildfire science which reaches local and virtual audiences of 2,400+ people from diverse backgrounds across the U.S. and the Pacific.