Webinar: A Landscape Perspective on Fire & Invasive Species in Hawaiʻi

As part of Hawai‘i Invasive Species Awareness month, Dr. Clay Trauernicht will focus on the grass-fire cycle at the landscape scale to describe the scale of the challenge at hand, the contributions of historical and social change, and examples of how people are working together to deal with it.

Webinar: When Climate Change and Invasive Species Intersect

University of Hawaiʻi’s Kevin Faccenda and Kelsey Brock will present on the process of identifying fire-promoting invasive plants and their impacts in Hawaiʻi via the new tool: the Weed Fire Risk Assessment.

Presentation: Guam’s Wildfire Outlook (2022)

Christine Fejeran, Guam Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Soil Resources Division describes the wildfire threats to ecosystems and people on Guam, the on-going education challenges, and hopes for the future.

Webinar: Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping

Rachael Cleveland will demonstrate the utility of a decision support tool called Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping (FCM) which enables all stakeholders to create a "mental map" that can capture and compute the impacts of various decision-making scenarios on important resources. Land managers will learn how the FCM software works and its application to a wildfire group…

Talk Story Tuesdays: Grazing to Reduce Blazing

What: In this Pacific Fire Exchange talk story Q&A session, we round up the latest research, past and present for managers and landowners wanting to understand more about how our four-legged friends (goats, sheep, cows, etc.) if managed properly can help reduce blazing and wildland fire. Where: virtual Who: This month's science share out and…

5th National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy Workshop (hybrid)

The theme of the conference is Keeping Pace with Reality: Boldly Embracing the Challenges and Undertaking the Hard Work. This interactive hybrid workshop will provide practitioners and decision-makers with tools and ideas that support positive fire outcomes and identify opportunities for accelerated Cohesive Strategy implementation.