Presentation: Overview of University of Hawai‘i Economic Research Organization fire projects

Dr. Kim Burnett, Assistant Director of the University of Hawai`i Economic Research Organization presents some of her economic analysis of Hawaiian dry forest restoration as well as wildfire-related work in the aftermath of the August 2023 Maui fires.

Presentation: Challenges to Rapid Wildfire Containment in Hawai‘i

Dr. Lisa Gollin is an applied anthropologist and social scientist who presented her findings from interviews she conducted as part of the project “Challenges to Rapid Wildfire Containment in Hawaii”.

Slide Presentation: Land Stewardship Is Being Wildfire Prepared

A slide presentation on what we can all do to prevent and prepare for wildfires.

Slide Presentation: Overview of Wildfire in Hawai`i

A slide presentation overview on wildfire causes, conditions and threats in Hawai`i.

Partner Perspective: Darwin Okinaka, Hawaii Fire Department

In the Pacific Fire Exchange’s (PFX) Partner Perspective series, PFX coordinator Melissa Chimera gets to know Assistant Fire Chief of Operations Darwin Okinaka, starting as a responder for Hawai‘i County Fire Department and now a community liason with landowners and partners after the 2021 Mana Road fire, one of Hawai‘i’s largest in history.

Radio PSA: Fireworks Awareness Partnership

A radio public service announcement created Pacific Media Group about avoiding fireworks in Hawai`i

Presentation: Overview of the Pacific Islands Institute of Forestry (IPIF)

Dr. Susan Cordell presents the history, the work, the geographic scope and current contributions of the USDA’s Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry (IPIF) based in Hilo, Hawai‘i (10 MINS) Tuesday, October 18,…

Presentation: Western Pacific Needs Assessment and Network (2022)

The Hawai‘i Wildfire Management Organization presented a new on-going project, the “Western Pacific Needs Assessment and Network” to the Pacific Fire Exchange program’s quarterly steering committee meeting in October, 2022.

Wai’anae Dryland Forests on Fire (Video)

The native Hawaiian dryland forests of the Wai`anae Mountains are home to many unique species that are disappearing. Among the many threats facing dryland forests throughout the islands, the one that is perhaps most serious – and most preventable – is wildfire. (Produced by Outside Hawai’i, a program of Mālama Learning Center – 5 min)

Story Map: Wildfire in the Pacific

Brought to you by USDA Forest Service’s Pacific Island Forestry, this story map presents the full picture of wildfire in western Pacific islands. CHECK OUT THE STORY MAP



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