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Aloha wildfire champion!

Thank you for signing up to be part of the network of individuals and professionals interested in wildfire-related products, conversations, and learning experiences in Hawaiʻi and around the Pacific.

We welcome you to this shared space of several hundred individuals (and growing)! Our intention is to provide you with information and additional learning opportunities via our monthly resources roundup of all things wildfire.

Eventually, we would love to create a space where we can talk to each other about our specific needs and questions.

For now, please feel free to reach out to us individually (emails are below) or collectively ([email protected]) at any time. We always welcome your input and feedback.


Your team of wildfire communicators,

Clay, Elizabeth, Nani, and Melissa

Elizabeth Pickett and Nani Barretto
Co-Executive Directors
Hawaiʻi Wildfire Management Organization
[email protected]; www.hawaiiwildfire.org

Clay Trauernicht, PhD
Associate Specialist in Ecosystems and Fire
University of Hawaiʻi Cooperative Extension
[email protected]

Melissa Chimera
Pacific Fire Exchange program coordinator
Hawaiʻi Wildfire Management Organization
[email protected]

Joint partners of the Pacific Fire Exchange program