A quick reference guide to establishing fuel breaks in tropical grasslands and savannas for reducing hazardous wildfire conditions on Pacific Islands.

KEY WORDS: Firebreaks, Fire Break, Fuel Break, Fuels, Fuel Treatments, Fire Mitigation, Western Pacific, Hawaii

NOTE ON TERMINOLOGY: The National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Glossary of Wildland Fire Terminology (July 2012) defines the terms as follows:
Fuels Reduction: "Manipulation, including combustion, or removal of fuels to reduce the likelihood of ignition and/or to lessen potential damage and resistance to control."
Fuelbreak: "A natural or manmade change in fuel characteristics which affects fire behavior so that fires burning into them can be more readily controlled."
Shaded Fuelbreak: "Fuelbreaks built in timbered areas where the trees on the break are thinned and pruned to reduce the fire potential yet retain enough crown canopy to make a less favorable microclimate for surface fires."