The Grass-Fire Cycle on Pacific Islands

Understanding the Grass-Fire Cycle can help to better manage grasslands and savannas, reduce the risk of wildland fire, and limit the impacts of re on our communities, watersheds, and native ecosystems. Tags:…

2017 Wildfires in Hawaii – PFX Annual Summary

Every wildfire incident is part of a larger pattern of wildfire occurrence and is an opportunity to gain experience and insight for wildfire management. View the 2017 Wildfire Summary for Hawaii. Tags:…

Research Brief: Restoration Impacts on Fuels & Fire Potential

A look at how fuels and fire management can be complementary with ecological restoration goals. DOWNLOAD PDF

Grazing to Reduce Blazing


Pre-Fire Planning Guide for Hawaii and Pacific Islands

Local knowledge of resources like water, road access, and high priority landscape features (crops, endangered species) is critical to minimizing the impacts caused directly by the wildfire as well as the impacts…

El Niño and Fire Weather on Pacific Islands

Predictions for El Nino’s effects on climate and wildfire in the Pacific (2015). DOWNLOAD PDF

Wildfire in Hawaii




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