Identifying & Controlling Fire Prone Invasive Grasses in Hawai‘i

Some introduced grasses in Hawai`i are especially fire prone and present challenges to land owners, land stewards and those concerned with the spread of wildfire. This ID guide is a quick reference to identify and control fire-adapted grasses.

After Fire Presentation: Understanding Immediate Priority Actions After a Significant Wildfire to Ensure Recovery

After fire, there are immediate actions you can take to ensure a recovery for the people first of all, soil and water conservation

Wildfire’s Impacts to Rare and Endangered Hawaiian Plants

As wildfire, drought and invasive species increasingly impact native ecosystems, plants and animals, our remaining natural and cultural Hawaiian heritage is more threatened than ever.

Changing Climate & Wildfire in Hawai‘i: Current Observations & Future Projections

New climate projections for Hawai‘i are based on historical rainfall, and future climate scenarios, such as the footprint of highest fire risk is expected to increase in extent and move upwards in elevation while fire risk may decrease in the driest low elevation areas. This fact sheet summarizes the latest climate change research as it relates to wildfire.

Weed Fire Risk Assessment for Hawai‘i: Database, Factsheet & Webinar

Methodology of weed fire risk assessments. University of Hawai’i at Mānoa’s Kevin Faccenda and Curt Daehler developed a screening system focused on wildfire risk by asking land managers to assign a relative fire risk for…

Changing Climate and Fire: a Crisis Brewing in the Pacific

As the climate crisis rages on, wildfires will become ever more frequent, more intense, and more wide-spreading in Hawai’i and across the Pacific. This fact sheet summarizes the latest climate research as…

Wildfire Review Series: Abandoned Agriculture in 2019 is Hawai‘i’s Fire Problem

This review of Hawai‘i’s wildfires in 2019 aims to provide a sense of context for large fires across the state, particularly the abandonment of agriculture that same year.

2019 Wildfire Summary in the Western Pacific

This annual summary of fires in 2019 aims to provide a sense of context for wildfire activity on the Western US-Affiliated Pacific Islands (USAPI) of Palau, Guam, the Northern Marianas, and Yap. …

Pacific Island Fuel Breaks & Management Strategies

A quick reference guide to establishing fuel breaks in tropical grasslands and savannas for reducing hazardous wildfire conditions on Pacific Islands.

Research Brief: Measuring Recovery 25 Years After Fire

A look at the resiliency of a Hawaiian woodland forest within Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park 25 years after fire.



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