When re-vegetating, reduce the spread of invasive species.

When re-planting, limit the spread of invasive pests by following these guidelines.

After Fire Presentation: Understanding Immediate Priority Actions After a Significant Wildfire to Ensure Recovery

After fire, there are immediate actions you can take to ensure a recovery for the people first of all, soil and water conservation

Wildfire’s Impacts to Rare and Endangered Hawaiian Plants

As wildfire, drought and invasive species increasingly impact native ecosystems, plants and animals, our remaining natural and cultural Hawaiian heritage is more threatened than ever.

Slide Presentation: Overview of Post Fire Response

A slide presentation overview by Dr. Clay Trauernicht of best practices for assessing and mitigating after-fire impacts to the environment.

VIDEO: Wildfire Learning Exchange Field Tour (Dec 2022)

On December 13 -15, 2022 the Hawaiʻi Wildfire Management Organization and wildland fire managers from the western U.S. and Hawaiʻi’s county, state, and federal fire agencies met on Hawai‘i Island. Hawai‘i representatives were able to bring mainland partners up to speed on Hawai‘i’s fire ecology, our mitigation challenges, our collaborative programs to educate and mitigate, and our post-fire stabilization needs and recovery goals via a field tour of one of Hawai‘i’s largest fires in recent history.

Wildfires on the “Hawaiian Savanna” (HI Business News, 2022)

Invasive grasses have spread across a quarter of Hawai‘i’s land, and they’re fueling an alarming rise in wildfires. Coalitions are fighting back with new urgency and old tools. By Cynthia Wessendorf

Research Brief: Measuring Recovery 25 Years After Fire

A look at the resiliency of a Hawaiian woodland forest within Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park 25 years after fire.

Webinar: Fire and Erosion

The Pacific Fire Exchange hosted a webinar with Clay Trauernicht (University of Hawai‘i), Willie Rice (Forest Solutions, Inc.) and Jack Minassian (University of Hawai‘i) on the topic of fire and erosion.

Webinar: Land Cover Maps for Fire & Land Management

Matt Lucas presents on land cover Geographic Information Systems products for Hawai‘i and other Pacific Islands. He is a Master of Science graduate of the Natural Resource and Environmental Management Dept at…

Some Quiet Time With A Wildfire

This guest post was written by Michelle Galimba, a rancher in Ka’u on the Big Island, and describes the fire which started on Sept. 21st in her family’s pasture lands. It originally…



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