Identifying & Controlling Fire Prone Invasive Grasses in Hawai‘i

Some introduced grasses in Hawai`i are especially fire prone and present challenges to land owners, land stewards and those concerned with the spread of wildfire. This ID guide is a quick reference to identify and control fire-adapted grasses.

After Fire, First Things First

As wildfires burn with greater frequency and intensity across Hawai‘i and the Western Pacific, many natural resource management partners have been working together to learn about, better prepare for, and address post-fire impacts on communities and natural resources.

Slide Presentation: Land Stewardship Is Being Wildfire Prepared

A slide presentation on what we can all do to prevent and prepare for wildfires.

Slide Presentation: Overview of Wildfire in Hawai`i

A slide presentation overview on wildfire causes, conditions and threats in Hawai`i.

Talk Story Tuesdays: Reducing wildfire risk across boundaries – recent projects and lessons learned

Members of our community from three islands will talk about their efforts in reducing the threat of wildfire across boundaries. Robbie Justice of Forest Solution, Inc. on Hawai‘i Island, Jeremie Makepa of ‘Āina Alliance on Kaua‘i, and Erin Peyton of Paniolo Hale Firewise Committee on Moloka‘i share their lessons learned in reducing hazardous fuels and how agencies, landowners and residents can work together collectively.

Wildfire’s Impacts to Rare and Endangered Hawaiian Plants

As wildfire, drought and invasive species increasingly impact native ecosystems, plants and animals, our remaining natural and cultural Hawaiian heritage is more threatened than ever.

Talk Story Tuesdays: Grazing to Reduce Blazing Part II

In this Pacific Fire Exchange talk story Q&A session, we round up the latest research, past and present for managers and landowners wanting to understand more about how our four-legged friends (goats, sheep, cows, etc.) if managed properly can help reduce blazing and wildland fire. This month’s science share out and conversation was with Dr. Clay Trauernicht, University of Hawai`i at Mānoa Ecosystems and Fire Specialist; Raia Olsen of O‘ahu Grazers and Dr. Elliott Parsons, formerly with the Department of Land and Natural Resources. They presented the how-tos on hiring island professional grazers and lessons learned for contract grazing.

Webinar: Debunking Wildfire Myths

What: Are Hawai’i forests adapted to fire, like the Western mainland? What part of the United States has the highest % of land burnt in wildfires? (Hint- it’s not always California!) Do…

Webinar: Mythbusters! Wildfire myths in Hawai`i

As part of Hawai‘i Invasive Species Awareness month, Elizabeth Pickett focus on wildfire myths in Hawaii.

Slide Presentation: Overview of Post Fire Response

A slide presentation overview by Dr. Clay Trauernicht of best practices for assessing and mitigating after-fire impacts to the environment.



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