Webinar: Changing Climate and Wildfire in Hawaiʻi

In this joint webinar hosted by the Pacific Fire Exchange and the Pacific Regional Invasive Species Climate Change, we tackle the climate crisis in Hawai`i and how this affects the risk of wildfire as well as the impacts to people and the archipelago’s unique resources.

March 2023 Resources Roundup

This month, Melissa Chimera interviews Darwin Okinaka, Assistant Chief of Operations Hawai`i Fire Dept. in our Partner Perspective series. And if you missed the PFX Talk Story Tuesday “Informing Contemporary Wildfire Science from Historical Hawaiian Language Newspapers” with Dr. Clay Trauernicht and Dr. Alyssa Anderson’s we have it below. We also have many communities throughout Hawai`i doing *amazing* wildfire prevention and education, and as always, the latest news, meetings and all things wildfire.

Talk Story Tuesdays: Informing Contemporary Wildfire Science from Historical Hawaiian Language Newspapers

In this Pacific Fire Exchange talk story Q&A session, we speak with Dr. Clay Trauernicht and Dr. Alyssa Anderson, University of Hawai`i at Mānoa about wildfire in Hawai`i in the context of Hawaiian language newspapers as well as the historical landscape changes of the 20th century.

February 2023 Resources Roundup

This month, we have info on the statewide precipitation situation, the Hawai‘i Island lightning fire, two webinars (Wildfire Myths in Hawaii and the In’s and Out’s of Contract Grazing), preventing wildfire on Guam, important state fire-prevention spending bills to track, and the alleviation of federal funding opportunity constraints for our friends in the western Pacific (all the way at the end).

Partner Perspective: Darwin Okinaka, Hawaii Fire Department

In the Pacific Fire Exchange’s (PFX) Partner Perspective series, PFX coordinator Melissa Chimera gets to know Assistant Fire Chief of Operations Darwin Okinaka, starting as a responder for Hawai‘i County Fire Department and now a community liason with landowners and partners after the 2021 Mana Road fire, one of Hawai‘i’s largest in history.

Talk Story Tuesdays: Grazing to Reduce Blazing Part II

In this Pacific Fire Exchange talk story Q&A session, we round up the latest research, past and present for managers and landowners wanting to understand more about how our four-legged friends (goats, sheep, cows, etc.) if managed properly can help reduce blazing and wildland fire. This month’s science share out and conversation was with Dr. Clay Trauernicht, University of Hawai`i at Mānoa Ecosystems and Fire Specialist; Raia Olsen of O‘ahu Grazers and Dr. Elliott Parsons, formerly with the Department of Land and Natural Resources. They presented the how-tos on hiring island professional grazers and lessons learned for contract grazing.

Webinar: Debunking Wildfire Myths

What: Are Hawai’i forests adapted to fire, like the Western mainland? What part of the United States has the highest % of land burnt in wildfires? (Hint- it’s not always California!) Do…

January 2023 Resources Roundup

We have some neat resources here including a Pacific Fire Exchange slide presentation summarizing best practices for assessing environmental conditions in island environments after wildfire; last month’s very **cool** radio spot, a public service announcement about fireworks in Hawai`i, HWMO’s job announcements which are open until February 5, 2023, and so much more news, research and policy around the Pacific and the continent!

Slide Presentation: Overview of Post Fire Response

A slide presentation overview by Dr. Clay Trauernicht of best practices for assessing and mitigating after-fire impacts to the environment.

Radio PSA: Fireworks Awareness Partnership

A radio public service announcement created Pacific Media Group about avoiding fireworks in Hawai`i



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