Grazing to Reduce Blazing


Field Notes – Media Spotlights Current Wildfire Risk and Firefighting Challenges in Hawaii

Raising public awareness of current fire danger is critical because proactive actions by households and landowners can reduce fire risk and because most fires on Pacific Islands are human-caused.  In Hawaii, PFX…

Pre-Fire Planning Guide for Hawaii and Pacific Islands

Local knowledge of resources like water, road access, and high priority landscape features (crops, endangered species) is critical to minimizing the impacts caused directly by the wildfire as well as the impacts…

El Niño and Fire Weather on Pacific Islands

Predictions for El Nino’s effects on climate and wildfire in the Pacific (2015). DOWNLOAD PDF

Field Notes – Reconstructing Fire History in Hawai’i – Makapu’u

Makapu‘u is the easternmost part of the island of Oahu. Its an iconic area, famous for its beaches and the trail out to the lighthouse.

Wildfire in Hawaii


Wildfire in Hawai‘i

A summary of wildfire in Hawai‘i (2014) including statewide ignitions, wildfire occurrence in the past century and management implications.

Field Notes – Kumaipo Ridge Fire – 10 years later

In September 2003, a wildfire burned about 10 acres of Hawaiian mesic forest on Kumaipo ridge between the Waianae Kai Forest Reserve and Makaha Valley on western Oahu.

Field notes – Makaha Fire Break

Learn the perspectives of Amy Tsuneyoshi and Kaimana Wong from the Honolulu Board of Water Supply (HBWS) and Mikaela Bolling from the Waianae Mountain Watershed Partnership (WMWP) with respect to fire breaks and fire prevention.



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